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Computers and Things

Well, it’s time for an update I think. This has been an interesting week so far, and I’ve got some stuff to tell everyone. So, let’s see.

My desktop decided to start acting really flaky. I still say that [Bad username: johnmill79] jinxed me several months ago with his post on computers, but I can’t confirm that. SMILE! So anyway, my desktop was doing some really weird things, and crashing for no apparent reason. So, last week I did something that I said I’d never do again. I purchased a new computer from Dell. I went with Dell because I have a preferred account and can pay it off in installments so that's a good thing. I’ve got one year interest-free, and plan to pay more than the minimum during this time to minimize the amount I’ll have to pay once the interest starts. I decided to go with Windows Vista, mostly because I really wanted to be able to learn it for training. I will continue to use my old desktop for business until it completely dies, and this new machine will be for personal use. So anyway, the new machine came yesterday and I got it up and running. When I placed my order, I specifically requested Microsoft Office Professional 2007 because I wanted the products that came with that version; specifically Outlook. The guy that I was talking with told me that windows Mail is the same thing as Outlook. I had heard that Windows Mail was supposed to be the update for Outlook Express, but he kept insisting that it was Outlook so I let it drop.

When the machine came and was set up, one of the first things I wanted to do was configure my email. I got it going, and got the chance to work with it a little bit. I realized at that point that Windows Mail definitely is not Outlook. Windows Vista has a calendar program, however it doesn’t appear to be accessible. The calendar is extremely important for me. So, this morning I called Dell again and talked to someone. I explained that I had asked for one thing and was given another. I figured that, considering that these machines are supposed to be built to order that the original person should have given me what I wanted without trying to talk me into something else and I felt that Dell needed to set things right. In talking to this new person I was given a couple of options. I could send the computer back, which I really didn’t want to have to do, and I would then have to pay for the upgrade to my Office. It was my feeling, (whether I was right or not is probably a matter of opinion but anyway), I felt that since I specifically stated what I wanted and was given something else, that I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. The person I was talking to was unable to really help me so he transferred me over to a different department. At first I was told that it was going to cost me over $200 to get what I wanted. After looking into things though, they figured out that I could just purchase Outlook by itself. The cost for that was about $99, however they agreed to waive the fee. I’ve complained a lot about Dell over the years when it comes to their customer service, but I was very pleased with their resolution today and really have to give them credit for setting things right.

In other news, only ten more days until I leave for Minneapolis. I need to go pick up a few items before leaving, and figure out how I'm going to pack things.

Anyway, I think that's about it for now so I think I'm going to post this and go put some laundry in. Later everyone!

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