Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Voice Post: The Bus Fluke!

841K 4:17
“In this particular voice post, tazcat talks abouut her rather difficult and frustrating adventure to get to some party she had been invited to! Her first bus was 10 minutes late, thus, leaving her with 2 options to catch her connecting bus. She skipped the first stop and got off at the second one and she even asked her bus driver questions as to where to go and they basically told her that she'd like get off there and the bus would be right there. Well, she walked across the street and needless to say, she missed her connection because it came down the street on the other side! So she had to call her friend and after some attempt of describing to her where she was, her friend found her and they were off! But nonetheless, it was a rather difficult and tricky trip that in tazcat's opinion anyway, was totally uncalled for! So she was planning to call the bus company tomorrow and filing a complaint because of how she thought about all of this dirty and unnecessary business! In LJ news, she still hadnd't received any word about who wanted free paid subscription time for about a year, but nonetheless, she decides to go on ahead and end the post before she gets cut off.”

Transcribed by: celrock

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