Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Drum Roll Please ...

Good morning everyone. First off, I have absolutely no clue what's up with the voice post settings at the moment. My post from last night says that transcriptions aren't available but my voice post settings say that anyone can transcribe. So, who knows.

So anyway, I'm sure that you're all wondering exactly what my big news is all about that I've been alluding to in previous entries. And, I'm ready to tell everyone about it, but you're all going to have to wait for another entry. SMILE! Okay, I guess I won't make you wait.

There is now a new way to get to this page; a way that should make it easier for people to remember. Nobody here needs to change your bookmarks or anything, but an easier way to get here is available. You can now visit and get the same information that you're getting here. For those of you on my friends list, you won't be able to see any of my protected entries from this new address, but for those of you who are regular readers, this will be pretty much like what you're used to.

So, that's my big news. I'm excited about it, and I think it'll be a really neat way for people to find me and be able to remember things a little bit better. Unfortunately it came after the Moo cards, but that's okay. SMILE!

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