Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Pretty Cool!

Hey everyone. Well, this is my first official post using Microsoft Outlook
2007. It's definitely different from what I'm used to but it's still pretty
cool. One thing that I think I'm going to like is the built-in RSS reader.
It displays each feed in a separate folder, and each entry is just like a
regular email message. This allows me to forward individual posts via email
without much effort. A couple of things I noticed though are that the feed
entries are placed in a table that is most likely supposed to be for layout
purposes, and second, any links in the post don't show up. The way I've
found to get around this though is to press the applications key while
focused on the entry and choose the view attachments option. This opens up
the same feed in Internet Explorer and gives all the important options.
This is at least what I've found so far. I reserve the right as a female to
change my mind however. SMILE!

One other thing that's going to take some getting used to is the fact that
Microsoft Word is now the email editor and this can't be changed anymore. I
see some really neat advantages to this, and I also see some drawbacks. One
advantage is that anything you can do in word you can do to an email message
now. I think a drawback is that it may be harder to control the formatting
of messages given Word's propensity to know what you want to do before you
know yourself, but I'm not totally sure about that yet.

I've got all my folders imported, and recreated my mail rules that I have,
and now I think I'm ready to go and do something else.

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