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Can I Wine Now?

Hi everyone. Well, I can't be totally sure at this precise moment, but I
believe that the air conditioning in my apartment is dead. It's been
sounding funny all day, and I noticed that my apartment was getting kind of
warm even with it on. I went and turned it off and now it won't turn back
on. It sounds really bad running on fan, and the AC part just won't do a

Okay, now here's fast service! I called and talked to someone here in the
building. She came in to look at it and agreed with me that it most
definitely wasn't working. She called Sears and they said they could come
out on Friday to fix it. With my asthma, I really can't afford to be
without air that long. So, they swapped my dead unit for one that's in the
vacant apartment next door. So, as I finish writing this, I'm busy getting
cooled off again in air conditioned bliss!

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