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Voice Post: Just Gotta Complain a Little Bit

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“Okay. So I'm attempting to get my lunch set out on the table in my room, trying to keep my laptop from talking over me since out of the two of us I'm the one that has the most interesting stuff to say, and talking about how people really bother me sometimes. During the general session this morning they started the elections, and I wanted to attend. Right behind the Wisconsin dellegation table is the group from the Alliance on Aging somethingorother. Every year I attend a convention, these same ladies are sitting there clucking like hens. I asked them at one point very politely to keep it down and they put on this really disgusted-sounding attitude, complete with more noise, saying that they were being no lowder than we were. Now, keep in mind that nobody at our table was talking, and I have no idea how things were earlier in the week since I wasn't there. In any case, these people kept talking and making comments throughout the entire session which made it really difficult to hear what was going on. So I just had to kind of complain a little bit about how some people just drive me crazy. I then said that I'd had a wrap for lunch. I think that was about it. I'll probably write a full entry soon, but I think I'm going to go lay down for a little bit and read a book or something now.”

Transcribed by: kittytech

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