Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Update Before I Drop off the Planet

Hey everyone. I wanted to write a quick update because I'm leaving in about an hour to go to my sister's for the weekend, and I don't know what she's got for Internet access.

So, the convention is over. It doesn't seem like it should be, but it is. After some hit and miss things, I was finally able to meet up with pawpower4me, and I got a bonus because I got to meet lisasali as well. I still need to write about my interesting experience getting lost in downtown Minneapolis, but I still need to put that off for a little bit since I'm not completely packed. In addition to the two I've already mentioned, I met up with puppybraille and michael_m which was also really cool. baxaphobia, sorry we weren't able to connect. Unfortunately, I forgot to find out what your real name was. SMILE!

Other than that, I've been in contact with the person who's taking care of Taz and Cally. She told me that one of them cries every time she goes in to check on them. She tried to change the bucket on the litter box too, and it didn't quite work right for her so when I talked to her about an hour ago she was trying to get it fixed. I can't wait to see them again!

And, since it was mentioned yesterday, I wanted to give those of you who are using a screen reader a little pronunciation help. Taz is short for Tazmanian devil rather than Toz, which is how it seems to be pronounced normally. Yes, it's spelled a little different, but I like it that way. SMILE! So, if you've always been dying to know, now you do. SMILE!

Well, I suppose I should really get out of here, finish packing, and figure out how I'm going to get all my extra crap down stairs. I always seem to end up with more on my way home than I do on the way here. Too bad I don't have my Victor Stream yet though. Later everyone, and I'll be home Monday afternoon.

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