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Voice Post: The Journey Home

349K 1:48
“In this particular voice post, tazcat has had quite an interesting day trying to get home! For starters, her friend couldn't find the parking garage of the bus station, which caused her to miss her bus that she was originally gonna take. Then, she thought that maybe she could possibly catch it at the university, but apparently, she couldn't get there in time to ccatch it from there either! Then, she possibly considered taking an Amtrak train back, but that wasn't even gonna leave until 7:50 PM this evening. So she went with Grayhound and bought another ticket and so at the time of doing this voice post, well, she's sitting on the bus waiting to pull out of the station. And other than that, she won't be home until 8:30 PM tonight, which is sort of not the most pleasant thing for her, because she's got a lot of work to do tomorrow and she's also gotta unpack and do laundry, but oh well. Such is life I guess.”

Transcribed by: celrock