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A real Update? From Me? WOW!!!!!!

Hey everyone. I thought that since it's been so long since I've done a real update that I'd take some time to do one now. I've actually got an entry written on my PAC Mate that I plan to post at some point with more convention stuff, but that'll come later.

So, it's Friday. Less than 24 hours until Harry Potter is released. Where am I going to be at that magical hour of 12:01 AM? In the hospital. Yep, tonight I get to go for sleep study number 3. For those of you who read my First entry from September 29, 2005, or my second entry from November 25th, may remember the interesting experiences I went through at that time. Some of you will also remember then that I never did get my CPAP because at the time I only had Medicare, and they refused to pay for it. Now that I have decent insurance, my doctor suggested trying again. So, basically they'll be putting me on the machine right away again, and getting a new level on me. I'm hoping that the third time will be the charm, and that I'll actually get a decent sleep tonight. I set it up for a Friday night though, not realizing that it was Harry Potter weekend, so that if I didn't sleep well I could come home and sleep during the day. I may decide that I just can't do that tomorrow but we'll see.

In other news, I'm really excited. On Wednesday while I was at the office, a package was delivered for me. No, it's not the stream, but some people thought that it was. It was actually a scanner. The copy of K1000 that I've been using is a dealer copy that we get for being the dealer for Wisconsin. I'm trying to keep work and personal software separate, so didn't feel right installing that copy onto a machine that was going to be used strictly for home use. So, I was able to get a case opened back up with my old rehab counselor, and she helped me get K1000, a scanner, and some other stuff. Everything's been ordered, and now I'm just waiting for things to come. I'm home all day today, so I'm hoping for more packages.

Well, I suppose I should get going. I may need to do laundry, I need to take a shower and get motivated, and of course I need to do some work. So, I'll catch everyone later, and I'll let everyone know hopefully tomorrow if I had any interesting experiences at the hospital. Later everyone, and for those of you who will be reading, happy Potter!

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