Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Quick Update

Hey everyone. I plan to make this short but just wanted to let everyone
know that I most definitely didn't drop off the face of the earth. The
sleep study was completely uneventful Friday night; no stripping in front of
windows, no other weird events. I don't know the results, but the person
working with me said that there's still a chance that insurance may not pay
for my CPAP because of something or other that I don't totally remember at
this moment.

Okay, I gotta do it. I was doing really well reading HP in text, and
actually got up to Chapter 29 I think. Then the ultimate happened, and I
got a copy of the audio read by Jim Dale. So, instead of finishing the text
version, I started over completely with the audio. I'm just starting disk
3, and hope to be able to read through the day. I'm thinking of putting it
on my book port, but I'm doing this really crazy thing with a battery test
and really don't want to connect it to the computer or play recorded audio
until this particular set of batteries go so I don't know what I'll do yet.
The battery test thing is that I've got a set of Radio Shack batteries in
the unit right now, and despite my very well-known feelings about Radio
Shack, they do seem to have great batteries, and at a good price. So, I put
them in, and have been listening to nothing but Doubletalk since they went
in. I don't exactly remember when I put them in, but I'm fairly sure that
it was before the convention. Currently I'm at 4562 minutes, which breaks
down to 76.05 hours, and my battery status is still at 36 percent. It's
kind of like having never-ending batteries. SMILE!

Anyway, because I've been reading HP, I've pretty much dropped off the
communication scale. I've turned my phone off, and set my status to busy on
MSN. The only thing I haven't changed is AIM and Skype, but I don't get a
lot of traffic on those programs anyway. So, I think I'm going to send this
now, figure out how I'm going to continue feeding my HP addiction, (PAC Mate
maybe), and get some laundry done. Hey yeah! I could use the PAC Mate, and
this really interesting bag with built-in speakers that I picked up a couple
of weeks back. Slip the PM in there after licking the keyboard, connect the
cord, (oh wait, that cord's not long enough) ... Oh well, I'll figure out
something. Later everyone.

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