Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

I'm looking for Feedback

I'm curious to know how my readers feel about cuts in journal entries. I personally think they're kind of nice, but I'd be curious to know how others feel. Please feel free to vote and let me know your thoughts.

Poll #755445 Lj Cuts

When reading journal entries, what do you do when you see a cut?

Skip it, what's the point
Skip it unless I have time to read it
Read it, I can, right?
Read it, if they didn't want me to see it they would have made the entry private
None of the above

What is your overall feeling about the use of cuts?

They're fine, I like to use them all the time.
They're fine, but I wouldn't want to use them necessarily myself.
I don't care one way or another.
I don't like them, and I skip them when I see them.
I don't like them, don't use them, and don't see what the point of them is.
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