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What a Day!

Hey everyone. Well, I'm home. It ended up being longer than I anticipated
because I kind of had my schedule messed up a little. We started off with
the PAC Mate demo, and left a demo unit with the lady so that she could work
with it. She really seemed to like it so I hope that leads to a sale.

Once we finished with that we stopped off at this great coffee shop-type
thing for lunch. I ended up getting this totally incredible black bean and
rice soup, a wrap with grilled chicken, bacon, cheese. mushrooms, and
barbecue sauce, and a smoothie. It was really super good. Those of you who
live in Wisconsin may be familiar with the place if you've ever gone to the
Johnson's Creek Mall. The restaurant is called The Two Loons. It's
absolutely awesome food. Oh, and let's not forget about the little fact
that they offer free wireless there too.

After that we went on and worked with a customer on the K-NFB reader. I was
happy to see that his unit functioned extremely well compared to our older
unit that we have for demo purposes. I swear that this particular unit is
somewhat defective, either that or it just doesn't like me. It tends to
freeze up on me all the time, but nobody else in the office seems to be able
to make it happen to them. So, I guess it really doesn't like me. SMILE!
And, I've never seen it happen on any other unit.

Once that was done we went to do the equipment demo. It wasn't too bad
compared to last year when we had a ton of people but very little interest.
This year we had people who were really interested in the equipment so that
really makes all the difference. We didn't get out of there until 5:30, so
I didn't get back home until about 7:15. I left at 8:15, this morning, so
today ended up being pretty long, especially since I got up at 5:30.

Tomorrow I'm leaving at about 9:00 to go do a Window-Eyes and K1000 update
and training and that's supposed to go until about 1:00, so tomorrow will be
another long day, sort of. I will, once again, be happy when Friday night
comes around. SMILE!

Well, I think I'm going to send this now. I'm chatting on messenger for a
while, so if anyone wants to give me a yell, feel free. Later!

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