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Hey everyone. I'm posting to kill time while I sit on hold. I'm trying to pay a bill, and the company is jerking me all over the place. I've already talked to three different people in three different departments, and they're making me wait on hold for a fourth person in yet another department. For the sake of privacy or whatever, I will not post the name of this company, however if you look at my MSN name you'll figure it out easily enough. What really sucks about this whole thing is that I signed up not only for their online bill pay service, but also for automatic bill pay so the money should have already been taken from my account. It hasn't, and I can't even log onto the web site because I don't have the right kind of email address. It's really strange, not to mention frustrating. I tried calling this place yesterday too. I was on hold for about 40 minutes and then I got a recording stating that there were problems on the line and my call was going to be disconnected. In reality, they closed, so dumped anyone who was still on hold. I've always had issues with this company, but getting jerked around like this and bounced from person to person is ridiculous.

Someone picked up, and I explained the situation to her, and there's a possibility that she might have to transfer me yet again!

And yes, I am now talking to person number 5. The good thing is that it looks like she might be the one who's going to get things sort of straightened out. I'm gone!

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