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Monday Morning Yet Again

Well, here we are again with yet another week. As I'm writing this, every couple of seconds our smoke alarms are going off. they go off for a couple of seconds, stop, and then start up again. It's supposed to be some sort of county-wide test, and we've been told that it'll last about an hour. I don't care so much about myself. I can come in here and shut the door. It blocks out a lot of the high-pitched, irritating noise. Unfortunately, Taz and Cally don't get any relief from the noise. They don't want to come in here right now apparently, but I can only imagine how loud that's got to be for their ears. And, starting at 8:40 in the morning? what about all the old geezers who haven't gotten up yet? Oh, and let's not forget about the people who don't listen to the tenant voicemail who are probably freaking out right now because they think the building is on fire. Okay, so in a way I guess that's almost funny. They have a responsibility to listen to the voicemail, and if they don't it's their loss. I guess that sounds kind of cruel, but if a service is established for the benefit of the tenants, and it's equivalent to what most apartment buildings do by sliding notices under the doors of each unit, they can't say they weren't notified. It's kind of like paying bills. I can't see it, so is that any excuse for not paying it? I could only hope. SMILE!

Okay, so this is going to turn out to be a long day, I can tell now. If I have nothing better to complain about right now than the stupid fire alarm, (oh wow! now they're rotating, and I'm in the perfect position to hear them. Weird!), I can see where my day is going to go. I've got two days at the VA this week, and absolutely no clue who I'll be working with, or which programs or products I'll be training them to use. Oh well, at least it's all in June, and should end up on my July paycheck. And, once Friday at 5:00 PM comes, I've got a long 4-day weekend. Granted, I have absolutely no plans for the holiday, and will probably end up sitting here smelling everyone else's outdoor grills while my tongue hangs down between my feet, but I'll survive. SMILE!

There was an article in the paper this morning talking about our esteemed County Executive. He, in his cushy gas-guzzling vehicle would like to make more cuts to our public transit system. In addition to making these cuts, he plans to try to get higher fares on the buses, and increase the fee for Transit Plus, (our version of paratransit). This guy's main thing the entire time he's been in office is to keep the taxes down and cut other services to compensate. As a tax payer I suppose I should be happy that he's not raising taxes. However, cutting public transportation, and routes that people need is just plain wrong. A couple of the routes he wants to slash are two routes used very frequently by a large number of blind people, and some of the routes that serve the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, which all ready has a major parking problem. Unlike him, we can't just get into our nice expensive cars and drive wherever we want to go. What makes this even more sad is that a couple of months back this same man was talking about how he spent a day in a wheelchair to help him understand the needs of people with disabilities. He said that he had gotten a good understanding of some of the issues. My guess though is that he said what the public would want to hear. If he truly had any understanding of how much people need the buses around here he and his staff would find some other way to make their cuts. For example, you should see the salaries of some of these people. (Oh, did I just write that?) I am seriously considering writing him a letter expressing my thoughts. However, I have to make sure I don't do it in such a way that makes me look like an idiot, and yet gets my point across. Also, my guess is that the man will probably never even see the letter since he's probably got people to handle his correspondence for him, but I think it would still be interesting to send the letter and see how many others he gets.

Anyway, in other news, I'm going to try another new recipe tonight. Oops, I suppose I should look at that and get the chicken out, huh? It's a chicken and pasta dish, and it sounded really good. Cream soup, chicken, pasta, and it says to use mixed vegetables; I'm going to use corn since that's what we've got here. Sometime this week I'm also going to be making home-made macaroni and cheese. I've got tons of recipes for that now, but I've got one that just sounded really creamy so we'll see.

The noise has stopped. I guess they can't tell time either since it definitely hasn't been an hour. SMILE! Oh well, believe me, I'm not complaining.

Well, I suppose. I just took my business phone off of do not disturb so I guess my day has officially started. Maybe I'll be back later with more senseless rambling if I feel the need to kill time. SMILE!

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