Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

"Naire" a Dull Moment ...

Hey everyone. Okay, so I thought I'd tell you all about a rather
interesting situation that I got myself into yesterday. I was getting ready
to get into the shower so I could get ready to leave. Before stepping in
though, I realized that I was going to be wearing shorts and so should
probably try to do something about my legs. So, I grabbed the bottle of
Naire lotion and started applying it to my left leg. I keep my bathroom
door open when I shower partly because the litter box is in the bathroom and
partly because I don't want to deprive Cally of her chance to get wet. Taz
had been hanging around, kind of making a pest of himself, but I figured
that he wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong. So, picture this, and no, it's
nothing graphic or anything. Here I am, sitting on the lid of the toilet,
the lotion bottle in my right hand, and a handful of goop in my left. From
out of nowhere came Taz, and put his head right into my hand. Okay, so
normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I obviously wasn't thrilled that he
got this stuff on him. So the question of the day for me became, does Naire
work on cats? I was picturing this cat with a big bald spot on the top of
his head. I did what I could to get the stuff off of him, but that's not
exactly easy to do, plus he wanted no part in it. So, when I left a while
later, Taz still had goop in his fur. I was hoping really hard that it
wasn't going to make him sick, or even worse, kill him, but unfortunately
there really wasn't anything I could do to help him. When I got home last
night I saw Cally, but there was no sign of Taz. I wasn't too concerned,
only because he likes to hide sometimes. It took a while, but he did
eventually come out. He kept trying to keep his head out of my reach though
which was actually kind of funny when you think about it. Eventually I was
able to get him and take a look at his head. I am happy to report that he
still has his fur, and doesn't seem to have any goop left. So, the answer
to life, the universe, and everything is in fact, not 42, it's no. Naire
does not work on cats. SMILE!

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