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Hey world! It's me. Aren't you thrilled? SMILE!

Anyway, despite my weird night last night, I've actually managed to get a
ton of stuff done today. I reviewed a computer quote that was sent to a
potential customer, talked to someone else who wants a computer system with
JAWS, K1000, and training, and got an evaluation call done. All of that
within two hours! And, I have now officially met my time quota for the week
and could technically stop right now, but I'm trying to bank some extra time
so that I can take off on the 31st in order to have a long weekend. So far
it looks extremely possible and I'm absolutely thrilled.

Anyway, I never did manage to start going through J-Say yesterday, so I
think that's my next project this morning. Oh, maybe I should grab
something to eat first though, huh? SMILE! Catch you all later!