Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Vista Speech Recognition

Hi everyone. I am using the Windows Vista speech recognition software to write this entry. This is a very interesting concept and I find it to be very fascinating.
I am using JAWS, along with my braille display, and I am able to edit things quite well. I honestly think that I could get used to this. I like the concept of being able to speak my thoughts rather than write them. There are some very good sound cues, and they let me know how things are working. I am able to correct mistakes, and I rarely have to use the keyboard. So, maybe in the future, you will be getting more posts from me using speech recognition.
For now though, I am going to close this entry, and post it to my journal. So, I will talk to you all later. Have a good night, and I hope you enjoy your weekend. So long for now.

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