Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Another Update Thingy or Whatever

Hi everybody. I'm on hold with a medical supply company, and figured I'd
write an update to kill some time.

Today has been a big day for me. I actually slept in until about 9:00 when
Taz decided that I needed to get up. A little before 1:00, punster1 and ckrassman stopped over to visit with me. I
apparently did the goof-up time thing in my head again because I was
absolutely sure that my physical therapy appointment was at 3:00, but she
showed up at 1:00. I checked my calendar and I'd written it down right, but
I just couldn't get the time right in my head. Therapy was tiring, both the
physical today and the occupational yesterday. The good news though, (at
least I see it as some sort of progress), is that last night I ordered
Chinese food. Okay, that's not the progress, but the fact that I needed to
use a fork and a spoon for some of my food and had a little less trouble
manipulating them sure is. I'm taking pleasure in even the smallest things
right now.

So anyway, back to today. In PT I did more exercise stuff, and she had
me up walking again. The hallway was so warm and humid though that it only
made my dizziness and disorientation that much worse. She had me doing some
other exercises without the walker, but I did at least have the railings on
the walls to hang onto. I got back from that walk and drained a bottle of
water. She wanted to go for one more walk, but I just couldn't do it so I
promised her that I would get up one more time and go for another walk. I
did that a while later with punster1 and ckrassman.
My garbage was extremely full but I wasn't able to do anything about it so
they helped me carry it while I showed them where the garbage chute is in
the building. I warned them that they'd be moving like turtles walking with
me, but they were good about it. When we got back I was hungry and ckrassman nuked some chicken tenders for me. I had a major craving
for something unhealthy, sweet, and different so they went and found me a
package of mini chocolate doughnuts which I ate, and a nice big sweet roll
which I plan to eat for my breakfast tomorrow.

I took it easy for a while after they left, and then received a call from my
OT. She found a place where I can get a tray for my walker, and I placed
that order. Insurance really sucks sometimes because they don't seem to
want to pay for things. For instance, I need to have a grab bar installed
in my bathroom to make things a little safer for me. Insurance won't cover
it, which means that it comes out of my pocket. Then, let's add in the fact
that even if I bought the bar it couldn't be installed because the walls
don't have any studs so the bar wouldn't be safe. It's amazing how this
stuff works sometimes.

I still find myself getting frustrated when I can't do things that used to
come naturally to me, but I'm trying really hard to stay positive and not
let this get me down. I think it helps though being able to see even small
changes, and I hope they continue to happen. I also want to say thanks
again to all of you who have been following this whole thing, talked to me,
and helped in other ways. It really does mean a lot to me. I just don't
ever want to forget about this time because it really has been a wake-up
call for me in so many ways.

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. I'll post again soon.
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