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Progress ... I Think So

Hey everyone. Well, I figured that it was time for another status report on
my recovery. I believe that I actually have some good news on that front.
When I wrote last I'd had a therapy session and some visitors. Saturday I
got to spend a good part of the day with angelissa and her
little boy Austin. After two years it was so awesome to be able to see her
and spend some time with her again while she was visiting Wisconsin. She
was nice enough to do my laundry for me; a task that, even in the best of
times is never fun to do. We ordered pizza and garlic bread and it was a
great afternoon. Sunday I pretty much took it easy, listening to things on
the computer and whatever else, and yesterday was more of the same. I've
really enjoyed having this time, even if it's not exactly how I wanted to
have it happen.

Today was physical therapy again. I also received the tray for my walker
which made my lunch preparation about 1000 times easier. I had a couple of
hot dogs, and a bottle of milk, and those things have never tasted better!
In therapy today we did more of the same; walking, balancing exercises,
things like that. I haven't noticed any difference in how I feel, but she
said that she saw a remarkable improvement in my overall comfort, stability,
and balance. I guess things are just changing so slowly that I'm not really
noticing it or something. In any regard, apparently there is improvement.
I guess I was leaning quite a bit on my walker the past several times, and
I'm not doing that quite as much. She also said that I'm not shaking as
much as I was before. I also was able to walk without the walker in the
hallway from one apartment to the next using the hand rails on the wall. It
was uncomfortable, but she didn't have to assist me like she'd done in the

I've also decided to take one more trial step. As of next week I plan to
attempt doing some basic work. I'm still investigating RIM, and I'm going
to have my trial account reset so that I can work with it again and see if I
can do some short remote training sessions. I most definitely don't plan to
jump back in with both feet, but I do feel that I need to at least try doing
some sort of work or there's not going to be any money for bills and things.

The rest of this week I've got things going on. Tomorrow and Friday I see
the OT, and Thursday I have an appointment with a pulmonary specialist in
the morning to discuss my recently diagnosed RLS
and then another PT session in the afternoon. We'll see how everything goes
with all that.

This afternoon has been pretty good too. I spent some time chatting on MSN
until I got tired. I went into the bedroom and put in the first DVD of 7th
Heaven season 4 and curled up on the bed with Cally. I realized that I
really wasn't going to get any sleep though so I got up and came back out
here where Taz promptly jumped up into my lap and curled up.

So, that's about it from me. I will of course continue to update everyone
on my progress, but I felt that I needed to write this afternoon since there
was apparently such a noticeable difference from last week. Take care
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