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Hey everyone. Well, I feel like I'm completely and utterly lost at the moment. I went to bed last night and everything was fine, but when I got up this morning my Internet had crashed. I reset everything three times, and then called AT&T. They had me reset things again and they still showed me as being offline so they have to send someone out. They couldn't have anyone come out today though, so I'm down until tomorrow. They're supposed to be coming between 10:00 and 12:00, so at least I'll have things fixed before noon, but it still drives me crazy! This means that not only do I not have Internet, but I also don't have TV. I guess it's a really good thing that I like books, huh? The good news is that they gave me a $15 credit on my account for the inconvenience. I won't complain about that. I'm sure that's more than I ever got off with Time Warner.
So currently I'm sitting in a computer lab so that i can have email, check LJ, stuff like that. I can't be completely shut off from everything, and as pathetic as it probably sounds, without my Internet I do feel cut off.

So, that's my story for the day. Oh yeah. I did that Window-Eyes thing this morning, and although I'm not able to say just yet how things turned out, I'm happy to say that I survived. I was tired, and it took a lot more out of me than these things usually do, but I survived it!

Well, I suppose that's about it for now. I'll most likely write more in a couple of days when I'm back up and running and all that good stuff. Later everyone.

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