Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Update on Today

Hi everyone. I thought I'd write another message to sort of let everyone
know how things went this morning.

First off, my audiology appointment. They started off by doing yet another
hearing test. My last one was a few months ago, and at that time, for those
of you who didn't know, they determined that my hearing was at the low end
of normal. Today's test apparently showed more of a loss. I wasn't given
exact numbers at this time, however they said that I have loss both in the
lower frequencies and the higher frequencies. Although the tonal loss
appears to be about the same in each ear, I was able to hear about 94
percent of the words that were given to me in my right ear, and only about
50 percent in my left. They want to do yet more tests to see what might be
causing this. I don't exactly know what they are, but they have something
to do with balance and the inner ear. The doctor that I saw really didn't
give me a lot of time to ask questions, however I stressed to him at least
two separate times how my hearing has always been exceptional, and that my
hearing is so incredibly important and necessary for me. The way he
described my loss though was basically to say that my normal hearing is what
he would hear if he put his fingers in his ears. I don't exactly know what
that means, but hopefully I'll be able to get answers sometime during this

Next on my list of things to do was go to my EMG. This test consisted of
two parts, and was related to my Restless Leg Syndrome. The first thing
they did was to put my feet and legs into a nice big bucket of warm water in
order to warm up the muscles. Then they taped some electrodes to my feet
and different areas to test the nerve reactions. They started off by giving
me minor electrical shocks basically. They then gradually increased the
electrical stimulation. This was actually fairly painful for me for
whatever reason, and of course my legs were jumping and jerking because of
the stimulation. Once the first part was done I was informed that my nerves
are great, and there are definitely no problems there. Next came the muscle
tests. They actually used a very thin needle and inserted it into different
muscles from my lower leg all the way up into my back. I found this part
incredibly painful. Once the needle was inserted into each muscle, they
moved it around so that it would catch different parts of the muscle. I was
then asked to do different things with my leg that would stimulate the
muscle further. At times it felt like I was literally being stabbed in the
leg, at other times it burned, and at other times I just can't describe how
it felt. At any rate, the entire thing left me extremely sore and drained.
Walking on the left leg, (which is the leg they used for the muscle tests),
was very difficult. That leg is still sore, however throughout the
afternoon and evening it definitely has improved.

My final stop was at the lab to have some blood drawn. I had Dracula
himself for this procedure, and he had lots of fun. I ended up being stuck
three different times in order to get the blood samples that they needed.
With that done, I decided that it was definitely time to head for home, and
all I wanted was to get back here and relax.

I called my cab, and let them know that I was blind and that I had a walker.
Pretty obvious, or so I would have thought. However, despite the fact that
I was sitting directly outside, right in front of the building, the first
cab failed to see me apparently. They sent out a second cab, and I finally
got back home, tired, in pain, but also relieved. Now I wait again for my
next appointments and my test results. Again, I guess only time will tell.
Later everyone.
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