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Hey everyone. I was looking through my entries and realized that I hadn't
posted publicly in a while so I figured I'd take a couple of minutes to
write. Not much new has been happening with me, which is why I haven't
posted lately. I have my next set of tests scheduled for Friday, October
19th, so I guess we'll see how those go. I still haven't heard anything
about the tests I had last week either, so who knows.

I've told some of you guys this story, but I wanted to write about it here.
I'm supposed to go back to see my neurologist, and in fact, should have done
it a few weeks ago now. For reasons that will become clear in a few seconds
though, I haven't even attempted to make the appointment. The hospital that
I have chosen for all of my medical needs is overall an absolutely
incredible place. It's a teaching hospital, so they've got very up-to-date
equipment and things, and I've always been quite satisfied with the
treatment that I've received there. During my hospital stay though,
something happened that really bothered me. If I did write about this
already, feel free to skip this stuff. I can't remember, and I'm too lazy
to go back through my past entries to look for sure.

So anyway, when I went into the emergency room, the neurologist who
evaluated me was more concerned about who took care of me than with my
current situation. He just couldn't imagine how a blind person could
possibly live independently, and pretty much insisted that I must have
someone to take care of me. Sorry dude, but I'm not in diapers anymore, and
I don't need someone to hold my hand while I cross the street. So, I was
already a little bit on edge. Then, the next day a different guy,
(apparently someone who's quite high up in the neurology department), came
in to see me. He started asking me questions, and I obviously was answering
them. I heard someone else in the room kind of shifting, so at one point I
asked him who was with him. Instead of answering my question, he asked me
how many people I thought were in the room. I said that I figured that it
was him and someone else. This is when he informed me that there were about
eight other people in the room; most of them medical students who were going
through their training. I told him that I didn't appreciate the fact that
he hadn't told me that others were there, and that I deserved to be informed
just like anyone else. He completely blew me off. The next day he brought
people in with him again and neglected to mention that fact to me.

To me, that was just plain wrong. I don't object to others being in my room
or whatever, but any sighted person is going to know right away that the
doctor isn't alone. If you can't see that, it's only right that you be
informed. This is why I don't want to go back to him, that and the fact
that he just talked down to me. Switching to a new doctor in that
department is like pulling teeth, so I don't know exactly what I should do.
I feel like it's a waste of time anyway, and I'm just sort of letting the
other tests happen, but I've been told that I really do need to get back to

Anyway, that's my story, and my update for the time being. I've got a nice
weekend to look forward to, and as always, I intend to enjoy it. Later
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