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It's Happening Again!!!!

Hey everybody! Yes, the time has come, and I'm ready for the challenge.
It's time to sign up for everyone's favorite LJ game show, therealljidol, and as I said earlier this year, I fully intend
to sign up! I've been waiting for this, and the time has finally arrived.
I saw what johnmill79 and imafarmgirl, and later on
in the competition, agirlnamedluna were doing, and it really got
me excited for this. So, within a few weeks, expect to see at least one
post a week aside from my regular rambling. The topics will vary, and if
they decide to get into any political stuff I'm completely and totally going
to crash, but I can't wait for this to happen! It's going to be great!!!!
Tags: lj idol, writing

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